Mons Lavabo’ 水池帮助孩子在洗手时节约用水

Mons Lavabo 水池的包围式设计帮助减少了溅水,感应系统还会自动开关水龙头来避免浪费。

The enclosed form of Mons Lavabo helps reduce splashes, a motion sensor turns water on and off to prevent waste,



Source: Inhabitat.com


可口可乐公司开始在全球推出创新的PlantBottle&#8482 / Coke Announces Global Rollout of Plant-Based Plastic Bottles


“Coke Announces Global Rollout of Plant-Based Plastic Bottles. ” by Ariel Schwartz, Inhabitat, 11/16/09

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來看看你喜歡哪一款!Score the Eco-bags!


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Score our designs, and tell us which one is your favorite! We look forward to hearing your bag design ideas as well!!!


可持续使用避孕套花瓶 Sustainability Condom Vase

Condom Vase - Sonic Design

今天发现一个很有意思的来自于Sonic Design 的环保设计- 避孕套花瓶.

Today, I found a very interesting eco design from Sonic Design – Condom Vase

Just want to share with you guys.

Source: Experimental Eco Design


万圣节也可以庆祝得很环保!Go Halloween, Go Green!

“邮购订单新娘”,参赛者: Bianca Johnson

万圣节也可以庆祝得很环保! Inhabitat 网站每年都举行万圣节服装比赛。和那些酒吧或者网站的复转比赛不同的是,Inhabitat 的比赛旨在鼓励人们使用可循环材料来制作他们的服装。

想看更多的照片就点击此链接 ,你会为那些环保又极富创意的万圣节服装而感到惊讶。

“邮购订单新娘”,参赛者: Bianca Johnson

“这条裙子全部都是我妈妈亲手缝制的。所用材料全部来自于Fed Ex的信封。上身是一件紧身胸衣,下身是一条用信封缝制的短裙加上一些蕾丝边。另外我有一条用包装的松散填充物做的项链和手链。头上的装饰是用泡沫包装纸做的。

所有的花费是$10  (戒指)

我妈妈用的所有的信封和材料都是免费的。”- Bianca Johnson

Go Halloween, go Green!

The Halloween costume vote on Inhabitat drew my attention. I love how they have this project that encourages people to use the recycled materials to make their own costumes.

Check the link here for more pictures and you’ll be amazed how creative and sustainable they are.

“Mail Order Bride” by Bianca Johnson, what a brilliant idea.

“The costume is completely handmade by my mom. The costume is made out of actual Fed Ex envelopes. The top is a corset and the bottom is a skirt made out of envelops with lace trim. I have a necklace and bracelet made with packing peanuts. My vail is made with bubble wrap and lace.

Total cost: $10 (The ring)
My mom had all the other supplies and the envelopes were free.” – Bianca Johnson


创意无限-塑料瓶做的餐具 “Found”by Oscar Diaz


sustainable design, green design, oscar diaz, found, art, recycled materials, plastic bottle reuse

sustainable design, green design, oscar diaz, found, art, recycled materials, plastic bottle reuse


西班牙设计师Oscar Diaz 发现了一种新方法来拯救我们塑料瓶日益泛滥的地球。在这组”发现” (”Found”) 作品中,设计师聪明直接从塑料瓶上地将一些切下一套轻便的餐具。餐具的形状和尺寸都已经由原来瓶子的曲线而来,不需要另外的加工,不要任何制作模型。



Original article:

Spanish designer Oscar Diaz has found a new way to rescue our Earth from discarded plastic bottles. In a series called “Found” the designer has cleverly produced a range of super-light flatware cut straight from the bottle. Each fork, knife and spoon assumes the bottles’ shapely angles and curves and feature an ergonomically designed grip that makes them as easy to pick up from the table as any other cutlery.

Instead of adding another utensil design to the boundless shapes and sizes that are already out there, Diaz took to “editing” pieces from carefully selected bottles that can be found on common supermarket shelves, and well, in the trash. Using a fairly straightforward production process, each piece is cut from a plastic bottle and then coated with copper and tinplated for a shiny, metallic finish. Since each utensil is essentially handmade from different shaped bottles, every new set is distinctive in nature — no molds needed.

As Diaz says “I don’t know if I can say that I completely designed it, but I do now look differently at things on the shelves when shopping.” In finding objects within objects, he reminds us that giving a little bit of extra thought to our surroundings we can yield some fresh and beautiful things in even the most banal and disposable things.

Source: Inhabitat


翻新包包 Refashioned Bags – Faith & Justina Blakeney



下个月即将问世的Refashioned Bags: upcycle anything into high-style handbags,24款未循环的旅行袋,购物袋,挎包,手袋供读者加以仿效及获取灵感。本书售价$19.99.

配合另一本出自相同作者的图文并茂, 一步步教你如果DIY你的设计。
激发你的创造力,开创属于你自己的未循环设计。收罗了99种DIY包包的方式,教你如何将一件不起眼的TSHIRT打造成独特的个性化的包包. 本书售价$19.95.

不知这两本书是否带来一股新的绿色流行风潮. 大家拭目以待.

Another great green movement was found on Ecouterre today.

Doubtless, the book approves that fashion can effect people’s behavior . Refashioned Bags: upcycle anything into high-style handbags by Faith and Justina Blakeney will hit bookstores early next month and bring you 24 upcycled carryalls, shoppers, totes, and clutches to emulate and inspire.

Accompanied by step-by-step illustrated instructions, from the same authors, 99 ways to Cut, Sew, Trim & Tie Your T-Shirt into Something Special, $19.95.

Source: Ecouterre

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