interview with BambooBag

Ann Arnold, founder of Bamboo Bag replied me with her direct number for the further interview.
I was excited and called right away.

Arnold is a nice lady who provided me so much first-hand source. I definitely learned a lot from her, from the material to design, from the sales to marketing. To me, design is the focus and following will be the promotion, not for money’s sake, but environment’s.

She emphasized that the material was a big deal which will affect cost, quality and human health. Bags from Bamboobag are made of 100% retted bamboo imported from China which raises their price. The bags cost from $12 to $28 in different sizes. The target audience of the company is middle-income and above who can affored the price, women and men. According to the statistic, 70% of Bamboo buyers are female and they mainly shop online through Paypal. I believe my target users will be in a wider range of age and low income and above group.

Arnold suggested me to use organic materials but not anti-mold with high toxin one. Quality is another issue need to be considered. Consumers need a high-quality product that can last long. Testing the fabric before produce the bag is a key to see how strong and firm it is. For example, put the fabric in the laundry and wash thousand times, according to Arnold.

Marketing plays an important role. How to promote the bags, get people’s attention? She said they used to send tones of free samples to people who can help write, spread the words for Bamboobags. A good storytelling brochure will also help audiences understand the bag and the life style in a short and effective way.

Thanks Ann for all of these. Stay Green people!

Source:Ann Arnold , founder of Bamboobag


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