Carving Life Out Of Consumer Culture Paper Waste 从废纸中刻画艺术

如果不是因为有一位象从布鲁克林来的Yuken Teruya一样的艺术家,我们也许会继续有这样错误的想法,那就是”垃圾”是一定要被处理掉的。Teruya却用他的艺术造诣改变了我们的观念。

Teruya 似乎很擅长把我们的大众消费观与那些被我们丢弃的不起眼的原始材料驾建起关系。 Teruya 所创建的艺术理念是关于一种我们对废弃纸张的成见和我们周围能持续收集使用的复制品之间关系的理念。很显然,他的沉思来源于那棵看似平凡却又不同寻常的树--一棵富有生命力的,承担着整个净化空气及冷却地球责任的树。一只奇妙稳健的手和一把锐利的刀片,他创作出了这些杰出的立体树 - 从我们丢弃的那些废纸中他完成了包括树枝,树叶,甚至那些小芽的创作。

Teruya意图通过他的作品去赞美树的精神,这些都贯穿于他始终如一地将作品与我们日常使用的每一件废弃物品的相结合。无论是从他的 ‘转角处的森林系列’ (用厕所卫生纸的纸筒)还是 ‘关注-森林系列’(用快餐的包装纸和购物纸袋),他都将生活融入到那些取之于身边大自然却被我们遗忘已久的水和养分中。

If it weren’t for artists like Brooklyn based Yuken Teruya, we might continue to make the mistake of thinking that “garbage” is indeed something to be disposed of.

Toilet_roll_forest.jpg Single_toilet_roll.jpg

Teruya seems to be highly skilled at establishing a connection between our mass consumption and the origins of the materials that we are notorious for casting aside.

yuken_teruya_04.jpg White_tree_book_forest.jpg

Teruya creates poignant artistic statements about the connection between our obsession with disposable paper goods and the carbon that continually collects in our atmosphere.

Inside_bag_green_cast.jpg Inside_bag_green_cast_CLOSE_UP.jpg

His muse is apparently the humble yet extraordinary tree — a living, breathing entity responsible for purifying our air and cooling the planet at large.

Paper-bag-trees-05.jpg Paper-bag-trees-04.jpg

Using an incredibly steady hand and what must be a very sharp blade, he creates outstandingly delicate pop up trees — complete with branches, leaves and sometimes even buds — from the paper that we throw away.


Through his work, Teruya attempts to honor the spirit of trees which he believes is still incorporated into every disposable consumer-based item that we use.


From his “Corner Forest Series” (utilizing toilet paper rolls) to his “Notice – Forest Series” (making fine art out of paper fast food and shopping bags), he breathes life into that which we have long forgotten was drawing water and nutrients from the landscape around us.


Bravo, Mr. Teruya…Mother Nature is smiling down upon your efforts.

Photo credits: yukenteruyastudio.com, ifitshipitshere.com, core77.com, boooooooom.com, villageofjoy.com, illusion.scene360.com

Source: Kieran K blog


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