翻新包包 Refashioned Bags – Faith & Justina Blakeney



下个月即将问世的Refashioned Bags: upcycle anything into high-style handbags,24款未循环的旅行袋,购物袋,挎包,手袋供读者加以仿效及获取灵感。本书售价$19.99.

配合另一本出自相同作者的图文并茂, 一步步教你如果DIY你的设计。
激发你的创造力,开创属于你自己的未循环设计。收罗了99种DIY包包的方式,教你如何将一件不起眼的TSHIRT打造成独特的个性化的包包. 本书售价$19.95.

不知这两本书是否带来一股新的绿色流行风潮. 大家拭目以待.

Another great green movement was found on Ecouterre today.

Doubtless, the book approves that fashion can effect people’s behavior . Refashioned Bags: upcycle anything into high-style handbags by Faith and Justina Blakeney will hit bookstores early next month and bring you 24 upcycled carryalls, shoppers, totes, and clutches to emulate and inspire.

Accompanied by step-by-step illustrated instructions, from the same authors, 99 ways to Cut, Sew, Trim & Tie Your T-Shirt into Something Special, $19.95.

Source: Ecouterre


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