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Green Living in Shanghai



Shanghai started banning ultra-thin plastic bags and charge regular plastic bags on June 2008. Now, the trend of ‘go greener’ are being promoted in the city, some people have already make the next step of behavioral change. They agree that the green move corresponds to their personal needs. However, some are still delaying their behavioral changes in time or conditional.

Lately, CNNgo published the 50 reasons why Shanghai is the greatest city in the world. Green living is the 40th reason. Many eco-conscious designers in Shanghai are leading the way to a greener lifestyle by promoting the concepts and ideas of eco-friendly and sustainable products. Nuomi is one of them. As an eco-conscious fashion designer, she is doing recycled and organic couture such as chemical-free undyed baby clothes, bamboo evening gowns softer than silk, and hip purses made from recycled billboard paper.



Mary Ching Designed Shoes, Shanghai


无论谁想穿Mary Ching 设计的鞋子,你需要做好随时被拖出来的准备,因为她的设计太出众和有趣了。

Check this out, this is the trend in Shanghai now.
Whoever wants to wear Mary Ching’s designed shoes, you gotta be ready to be pulled out any time because the designs are too outstanding and interesting.

Source: Mary Ching Shanghai | CNNGo

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Do people in Shanghai care about environment or do they have sufficient knowledge about environmental protection

在这样一个咆哮的二十世纪,上海是个充满机会的城市。 作为经济和时尚的领头羊,上海有望在接下来的10年中成为世界上最富有的中心之一。在这个现代化的城市,人们不再单单满足于每日的物质消费,他们同时也渴望拥有一个绿色的生活环境。2008年六月,为了提供给大家一个更干净的环境,上海正式开始禁止超市及零售店提供免费塑料袋。

Shanghai has full of opportunities in the Roaring Twenties. It is the metropolis of economy and fashion in China. The city is fully expected to be one of the wealthiest economic centers in the world in another decade. In this modern city, not only are people pleased with daily material consuming, but also they desire to live in an eco-friendly environment. In 2008, Shanghai started banning plastic shopping bags to better the living environment. Research shows that people are still using plastic bags when they Shop in retailers.
Do people in Shanghai care about environment or do they have sufficient knowledge or conscious about environmental protection?We will find out…

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