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Score our designs, and tell us which one is your favorite! We look forward to hearing your bag design ideas as well!!!


翻新包包 Refashioned Bags – Faith & Justina Blakeney



下个月即将问世的Refashioned Bags: upcycle anything into high-style handbags,24款未循环的旅行袋,购物袋,挎包,手袋供读者加以仿效及获取灵感。本书售价$19.99.

配合另一本出自相同作者的图文并茂, 一步步教你如果DIY你的设计。
激发你的创造力,开创属于你自己的未循环设计。收罗了99种DIY包包的方式,教你如何将一件不起眼的TSHIRT打造成独特的个性化的包包. 本书售价$19.95.

不知这两本书是否带来一股新的绿色流行风潮. 大家拭目以待.

Another great green movement was found on Ecouterre today.

Doubtless, the book approves that fashion can effect people’s behavior . Refashioned Bags: upcycle anything into high-style handbags by Faith and Justina Blakeney will hit bookstores early next month and bring you 24 upcycled carryalls, shoppers, totes, and clutches to emulate and inspire.

Accompanied by step-by-step illustrated instructions, from the same authors, 99 ways to Cut, Sew, Trim & Tie Your T-Shirt into Something Special, $19.95.

Source: Ecouterre


Celebrities are following Eco-friendly bags
Stella McCartney Eco Friendly Summer Handbags

时尚先锋者现在都变成环境和动物保护主义的拥护者。好莱坞巨星们和服装设计师们也都把视野转向这一块,积极地鼓励大众使用环保袋。演员Keira Knightley, Reese Witherspoon, 还有Alicia Silverstone都是他们中的一份子,他们视使用环保袋为一件很骄傲的事情。 Stella McCartney和Louis Vuitton也成为少数几个知名设计品牌中推出自己环保袋的商家之一。

Fashion followers now are following the trend of environmental and animal friendly.
Hollywood celebrities and fashion designers are uniting to steer the public to use eco-friendly bags. Actresses Keira Knightley, Reese Witherspoon, and Alicia Silverstone are among those who are seen proudly sporting their reusable bags. Stella McCartney and Louis Vuitton are a few of the well-acclaimed designers who are selling their own versions of earth-friendly bags.



Dream Green

Tell me you can do that too! What can you do?
Stop – using plastic bags.
Start – using reusable totes.

and… talk with your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, pastors, about what you, or they can do to help the environment.

I think I’m probably on the right track to help promote the eco-friendly bags here, and at the same time to work my butt off on my graduation creative work – green tote campaign.

Lately, lots good stuff attracted my eyes with their cool design and sustainable fabric. Wholefood bags is always my first choice at this point. I was also amazed by the high-tech ones like Bamboo-bags and corn bags.

Today, I had my another green bag shopping experiment, but it was just a happy accident.
Arrived in Forever21 around noon, spent half hour browsing in the store, half hour waiting outside of fitting room (no kidding, it’s a long line in Friday afternoon), and another half hour trying clothes on and off, I finally stood in front of cashier and ready to go. A big smile and few keywords caught me:”… do you want to get a green bag today at only $1.50 extra instead of plastic bag?….” “Sure, I love helping the environment, I’m green bag follower! Go ahead to pick the first design for me (there were four designs sitting there).” Glanced at the girl next to me, who just paid for her bag. People really buy the bags. Great!

Dream Green | Forever21 | downtown San Francisco

eco-shanghai | Design

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